A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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Clams bred in the area

Eco-design for mollusc culture

Sustainable management of mollusc culture

Terra&Acqua Tech Laboratory has developed:
- the localization and georeferenced mapping of nursery areas for veracious clams in lagoon zones, to be used as a decision support tool for the expansion of current nursery areas;
- a process for the...

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HPSolar - High Performance Solar Decontamination

Hydrogen producing water decontamination system

The project has realized solar demonstrators that combine the decontamination of water containing organic substances to the conversion of solar energy into hydrogen. The production of hydrogen represents in this way an added value to the proposal of...

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VALSOVIT: Sustainable valorisation of waste in the wine industry for the chemical and health industry

The agri-food waste becomes a business opportunity

The VALSOVIT project has been proposed as a tool of technological innovation for the valorization of the waste of the wine production chain for the production of high added-value substances using sustainable technologies. The main results obtained in...

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GST4Water - Green Smart Technology for Water

Sustainable use of water resources in urban areas

Availing of new Open Source technologies in the ICT field, the project has experimented innovative hardware and software solutions, that allow an aware use of the water resource at the individual user level and the grey and meteoric water reuse...

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BIOMASS DISP - Biomass dispenser for anaerobic digestion plants

Improvement of methane yield from waste biomass

The dispenser system BIOMASS DISP mainly consists of a completely isolated fiberglass tank, a submersible pump, pipes connecting to the water supply to the plant and biogas and a bioactive catalyst Biocat + . The system is fed with water from the...

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Secondary raw material recovery from agro-food waste

Reduction of waste managemen costs, highly valuable chemicals production

Some agro-food waste products maintain several compounds even after their processing for dietary uses. By using advanced technologies, it is possible to recover specific molecules that can be employed, once extracted and purified, as secondary raw...

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Optimisation of drinking water purification processes

Drinking water, with no chemicals added and with remotely manageable systems

The electrochemical approach to water purification is based on the application of an electrical current, therefore the process is remotely controllable and neither personnel intervention nor the use of chemicals are required. The current disinfection...

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