A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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Diagnostic imaging protocol applied to paintings

Science to analyse Works of Art

Scientific diagnostics is an important tool to improve the interpretation and knowledge of a work of art, allowing its evolution over time to be documented and monitored and any restoration work to be scheduled. It is obviously important in this...

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Application of the RFID tag technology to manage naturalistic museum collections

Museal Human Centered RFID Technology and Design

TekneHub - Laboratory of the Ferrara Tecnopolo, in collaboration with the company Techsigno S.r.l., has tested and assessed the application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to naturalistic collections. To date, the RFID technology...

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