A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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Residue recovery from waste treatment processes

Recovery of materials and energy from waste, reuse of materials, optimisation of treatment processes and of integrated waste management systems

To contribute to identify the most effective choices towards a sustainable waste management, the MatER Study Center provides technical and scientific consultancy based on a thorough survey of the technologies and policies adopted for recovering...

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Technical and economic assessment and energy capability verification of renewable energy plants

Analysis and control of the technical and economic factors that affect investments in renewable energy plants

The technical and economic assessment of plants producing electrical and/or thermal energy from renewable sources (biomass, wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric) is essential to design the plant itself and monitor its performance. The system's...

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Monitoring ultra-fine particulate and nano-particulate in urban areas

Identification of highly critical urban areas for air quality

Due to the proximity to emissions from vehicular traffic, recognised as the main source of fine and ultra-fine particulate in urban areas, individuals moving on foot or with other means of transport in a town are potentially exposed to high...

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Monitoring fine and ultra-fine dust from combustion plants

Characterisation of nanoparticles emitted by combustion systems

On site surveys to assess emissions from combustion processes in stationary plants (small thermal power plants for building heating fuelled by wood, pellet, oil and gas and industrial plants for WTE incineration of waste), ultrafine particulate...

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