A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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Interventions for safety measures in prefabricated structure buildings following the seismic events

Safety of prefabricated structures in Bologna

Following the damages recorded in prefabricated structures due to the earthquakes that took part in from the 20th to the 29th May of 2012, the CIRI (University of Bologna) was tasked to supervise the safety measures of prefabricated schools and gyms...

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Pandone Castle (Isernia, Italy)

Seismic vulnerability assessment of historical buildings

Safety verification of historical buildings.

The seismic vulnerability assessment of existing buildings is particularly important for the analysis of the seismic risk on a construction in order to highlight structural problems and design appropriate strengthening interventions. The service...

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Masonry panel reinforced with FRP

Evaluation of the efficiency of innovative structural strengthening techniques, made out by composite materials.

Strengthening techniques on masonry panels and columns

The more recent seismic events have highligthed the seismic vulnerability of Italian masonry structures. Thus, it has become more and more important to adequately design and apply efficient strengthening interventions on masonry buildings. Among the...

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INTEGRO - Integrated Floor System

High performance dry floor

INTEGRO is a simple warp horizontal wooden structure with plywood sandwich deck and core in GFRP moulded grating (glass-fibre reinforced plastic). The main structural features are the high degree of rigidity of the deck, especially with regards to...

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Experimental green roofs for sustainable urban drainage

Green technologies for management of urban drainage

Two green roofs - part of the "Green roofs" project - have been installed on the LAGIRN laboratories of the Bologna University's School of Engineering and Architecture, via Terracini building, within the framework of researches carried out by CIRI E...

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RE.SIS.TO® Fast method for the assessment of the seismic vulnerability of masonry and reinforced concrete buildings

Expeditious assessment of seismic vulnerability

A fast method to assess the seismic vulnerability of buildings in masonry and reinforced concrete is being patented. The preferential scope of application of this methodology is represented by buildings belonging to the built heritage of significant...

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Continuous monitoring of the indoor thermal comfort of public and private buildings

Indoor thermal comfort of public and private buildings

The system entails monitoring and storing the main indoor thermal comfort parameters of large sized public buildings, as well as private ones. The monitored parameters are: surface temperatures of internal and windowed walls, indoor air temperature...

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Continuous energy performance monitoring of ventilated facades

Energy monitoring of ventilated facades

The system entails to monitor and to store the main thermal parameters of ventilated facades to assess energy their performances. The monitored parameters are: the wall surface temperatures including air cavity, the temperature and the relative...

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