A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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TEcnologie Abilitanti e Materiali in Soluzioni Avanzate per il Veicolo Elettrico


New technologies for extended range electric vehicles.

The TEAM SAVE project (Enabling Technologies and Materials in Advanced Solutions for the Electric Vehicle) consists in bringing to the market new technologies aimed at integrating nano-materials, additive manufacturing and secondary raw materials...

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FASTER: Aerial platform for territory monitoring

The Earth from Above

FASTER (Fully Automated SysTem for Environmental monitoRing) is an autonomous system for aerial photography, thermography and remote sensing applications, suitable for ultralight aircraft and drones. The system makes it possible to acquire in real...

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