A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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Eye Drop Aid - EDA

Device for self-administration of eye drops

EDA is a device assisting in the correct self- or assisted-administration of eye drops, solving the very common problem of low adherence to eye drop treatment and incorrect techniques of eye drop administration.

Even though EDA projecting required...

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SEM images of particles obtained by deposition on mannitol of Mycoplasma a and nanoemulsion. Magnification x1000 (1), x5000 , x10000X (2) and 100000X (3).

Dry powders for nasal vaccination

Vaccine administered as «dry powder» on nasal muco

Biopharmanet-tec developed an innovative delivery system for the nasal vaccination using dry powders containing at the same time an antigen and an adjuvant in form of a nanoemulsion.

Powders have been obtained by «layering» the antigen and the...

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Respirable microparticles for lung administration of protein drug and vaccines

User-friendly protein or vaccine administration

Pulmonary administration of protein drugs or vaccines in the inhaled powder form is an alternative to administration by injection. The technology stems form the project Pulmomed (www.pulmomed.eu). Proteins at high purity level were expressed with a...

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Local therapy and tissue regeneration Polymeric scaffolds for tissue regeneration and in situ controlled release of drugs

The active biomolecule in-situ

Biopharmanet-tec has developed an innovative system for tissue repair and the local release of drugs stimulating regeneration, based on physically modified chitosan. Biocompatible and biodegradable scaffolds are prepared to be applied locally, to act...

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Chemotherapy with thin film implants Polymeric film for the controlled release of anticancer drugs after tumor resection

At the site of the primary tumor

Biopharmanet-TEC developed an innovative drug delivery system for the local delivery of anticancer drugs, i.e. a biodegradable polymer thin film. Biocompatible, biodegradable polysaccharide-based film were developed for direct application at the...

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Antibiotic Pulmonary Therapy Respirable microparticles of aminoglycoside antibiotics for lung infections

The antibiotic only where is needed

The technology for the pulmonary administration of antibiotic drugs in the inhaled powder form is an alternative to administration by nebulization. Therespirable microparticles with high content of aminoglycoside antibiotic were prepared for spray...

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DOME MATRIX: Modular system for drug release control over time

Many pharmaceuticals in a single pill

An innovative drug release system based on a modular technology has been developed at the University of Parma. The release modules, consisting in tablets or polymeric matrices, have been prepared to be assembled in a single structure, forming the...

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