Una raccolta dei casi di successo di collaborazioni tra i Laboratori della Rete Alta Tecnologia e le imprese. Sono esempi concreti e personalizzabili di applicazione di nuove tecnologie, prodotti o servizi che dimostrano come la ricerca industriale possa rispondere alle esigenze di innovazione.

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Methodologies for the dynamic design of mechanical transmissions

Silent and efficient spiral bevel gear transmissions

Spiral Bevel Gears (SBGs) play a significant role in transferring power between non-parallel shafts. Thanks to the high contact ratio, SBGs are smooth, quiet, and have the ability to bear high levels of torque and power; although, their complex...

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Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing of ceramics

Shape ceramic materials with 3D printing

The use of 3D printing as a net-shape forming technique for technical ceramics opens the doors to the application of these materials even in sectors where high manufacturing costs prejudiced against their use. The most suitable AM techniques for...

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Filling valve

Filling valve for high pressure and ultra clean tanks

DTM has developed a filling valve to allow gas, liquid or fuel filling for extra high purity and high pressure applications. Main characteristics are high robustness environemntal conditions and reliability together with very low leak-rates and...

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Several Inertial Measure Unit (IMU) devices communicate the data acquired to the high-level application via the gateway (GW), a central node in a star network.

Wireless inertial units platform for body movement information acquisition.

A scalable body sensor network for biomedical application

Wireless wearable sensors have developed rapidly in recent years, primarily driven by e-health, fitness and wellness applications. The technological evolution of low power microprocessors is enabling to process data locally, saving energy and...

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The IRET Foundation is the Ozzano dell’Emilia branch of the Bologna Technopole named after Rita Levi Montalcini.

From the proof-of-concept preclinical study to the clinical trial: certified translational pipeline for drugs, advanced therapies and medical devices.

Bench-to-bed in real time: safety and efficacy

The service includes efficacy and safety certified studies according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). It is optimized for the results validation and for the IND (Investigational New Drug) application. It includes the study design based on a...

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Low-magnification image (optical microscope) of the microstructure of the AlSi10Mg alloy produced by AM

Optimisation of heat treatment and coatings for additively manufactured mechanical components

From subtractive to additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) affords design freedom, topological optimization and ability to develop material/component combinations with “site-specific” properties. AM therefore is an effective tool to meet the growing needs of both high...

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TEcnologie Abilitanti e Materiali in Soluzioni Avanzate per il Veicolo Elettrico


New technologies for extended range electric vehicles.

The TEAM SAVE project (Enabling Technologies and Materials in Advanced Solutions for the Electric Vehicle) consists in bringing to the market new technologies aimed at integrating nano-materials, additive manufacturing and secondary raw materials...

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Thermo-catalytic reforming layout

Thermo-catalytic reforming: adding value to residual biomass and waste by transformation into green hydrogen, bio-oil and biochar

From residues to materials for chemistry and environment

The thermo-catalytic reforming technology TCR® enables added value products such as syngas, green hydrogen, bio-oil and biochar from residual biomass from industries operating in the food, agro, forestry and processing sectors. Such products can be...

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Vaccinium floribundum berries, rich in polyphenols and with known antioxidant properties

Analysis of the immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects of specific compounds

Fermentation with probiotics enhances the strengthening

The procedures developed by the Laboratory for Advanced Therapy Technologies (LTTA) exploit innovative technologies for the evaluation of the immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties of specific compounds contained in foods, nutraceuticals and...

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SEM images of particles obtained by deposition on mannitol of Mycoplasma a and nanoemulsion. Magnification x1000 (1), x5000 , x10000X (2) and 100000X (3).

Dry powders for nasal vaccination

Vaccine administered as «dry powder» on nasal muco

Biopharmanet-tec developed an innovative delivery system for the nasal vaccination using dry powders containing at the same time an antigen and an adjuvant in form of a nanoemulsion.

Powders have been obtained by «layering» the antigen and the...

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Proving the efficacy of sterilization treatment of potentially infectious solid waste

Medical waste: from sterilization to the End of Waste

Gruppo C.S.A. S.p.A. has defined and executed in collaboration with Newster System s.r.l. the validation tests of the efficacy of the sterilization process of Newster sterilizers: - Physical validation test, based on the verification of the...

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Clams bred in the area

Eco-design for mollusc culture

Sustainable management of mollusc culture

Terra&Acqua Tech Laboratory has developed:
- the localization and georeferenced mapping of nursery areas for veracious clams in lagoon zones, to be used as a decision support tool for the expansion of current nursery areas;
- a process for the...

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Validation of proposed control strategies via active brake test bench by electric motor laboratory (EML) of Raw Power Srl

Enhanced Internal Permanent-Magnet Machines Flux Weakening Control Strategies for Traction Applications

Safe electric mobility

The laboratory offers a solution to optimize flux-weakening control strategies for internal permanent-magnet synchronous machines, also used for light electric vehicles (e.g. motorcycles).
This activity focused on torque management during fast...

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Teeschools toolkit

Toolkit for energy efficiency improvement of school buildings - TEESCHOOLS

More efficient and safer public buildings

The laboratory has developed a set of IT tools to support public administrations in the implementation of energy refurbishment of school buildings to the status of Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).
The "TEESCHOOLS" toolkit is designed to be simple...

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Samples of fresh filled pasta

Use of bioprotective cultures to prolong the shelf-life of fresh filled pasta

Bioprotective cultures for better shelf-life of fresh pasta

The aim of the project is to prolong the shelf-life of fresh filled pasta using bioprotective cultures endowed with antimicrobial activity against pathogens or spoilage microflora. The project is divided in two phases: 1) evaluation of microbial...

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Benchmarking energy consumption of municipal wastewater treatment plants

Targeted energy efficiency investments in WWTPs

The product allows to carry out an energy performance assessment in municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Following a preliminary data collection and related statistical processing, specific energy performance indicators are introduced in...

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CONSTANCE- automatic CONtrol and SmarT mANagement of wastewater TreAtmeNt faCilitiEs. Patented system

Lower energy consumption for an efficient water treatment

Patented system for intelligent management and automated control of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The system uses robust and cheap probes to measure indirect signals, such as pH and redox potential (ORP), in order to reduce the construction...

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Innovative, functional, sustainable

The cosmetic industry is increasingly interested in the development of innovative cosmetic formulations characterized by a reduced number of functional ingredients of natural origin in order to respond both to new market demands and to the new...

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Metal Replacementreplacement of metal alloys (steel, aluminium, copper, cast iron...) with plastic materials.

Where experience meets innovation... beyond metals towards plastics

Metal Replacement is the replacement of metal materials (steels, aluminium alloys, cast iron...) with high performing polymeric materials. The recent developments of new and better performing thermoplastic materials allow applications to be extended...

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